AIMVIA launches online petition for used vehicle imports

AIMVIA launches online petition for used vehicle imports

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Posted by Max Pichon

on November 1st, 2016

aimvia-logo-2 (1)An online petition has been launched to raise awareness on why the Australian Government should allow used vehicle imports.

In its petition on the website, the The Australian Imported Motor Vehicle Industry Association (AIMVIA) is calling on urban infrastructure minister, Paul Fletcher, to open the Australian market to imported used vehicles.

“Faced with the very real prospect of significant job losses and a shrinking of the imported used vehicle industry as a result of new SEVS eligibility thresholds, AIMVIA is now calling on the Australian public for support in its quest to create a more open marketplace where Aussie buyers have access to newer, safer vehicles at cheaper prices,” the statement says.

“Australian motorists want cheaper cars and a wider choice of good quality used vehicles. For the last three decades, Australian taxpayers have subsidised the manufacturing of vehicles in Australia.

“Not only that, the federal government has offered additional protection to Australian vehicle manufacturers and distributors, by preventing used vehicles being imported from overseas in any reasonable numbers.

“In 2015, the number of eligible imported used vehicles totalled just 7500 units, as opposed to sales of almost 1.2 million new cars. In percentage terms, imported used vehicles represent just 0.6% of the market; even less when compared with the four million used vehicles that change hands in Australia each year.

“In 2017, all manufacturing of vehicles in Australia will cease; all vehicles will soon be imported. There is nothing left to protect any more.

“Two separate government inquiries have recommended that used vehicles under five years of age should be eligible for import to Australia. Why hasn’t the change happened?,” AIMVIA asks.

Both the Productivity Commission report on Australia’s Automotive Manufacturing Industry and the Competition Policy Review concluded that, progressively relaxing restrictions on the wide-scale importation of second-hand passenger and light commercial vehicles would have net benefits for the community as a whole.

“So why hasn’t it happened yet? Simple – new car manufacturers are dead set against it because they think imported used vehicles will drive down prices and cut into their profits,” AIMVIA says.

“The industry bodies that once represented Australian vehicle manufacturers are now instead representing the companies that are importing new vehicles to Australia. They are well organised and extremely well financed, with full-time lobbyists based in Canberra knocking regularly on politicians’ doors.”

AIMVIA is calling on people to sign the petition available here.

copy and paste into your browser and sign the petition

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