Why quality is important at PVS

We at Platinum Vehicle Sales place great importance on why we buy the best of Japanese JDM Vehicles. We leave any vehicle that displays rust, corrosion or serious previou accident damage behind for others to purchase. We do this because it it important to our business that we remain "Committed to Quality" and our legacy is "Customer First" we do know that this is a more expensive way to own a vehicle, however when you are acquiring your dream car is it not better that you know your car is a genuine vehicle that has not been covered up, disguised and molested. We believe so and we know you would agree. 

If you want the best you will always get that from Platinum Vehicle Sales and if we get it wrong we are happy to fix it without compromise.

The following are links to the types of vehicles we have rejected in the past few weeks, we do find it difficult to source premium vehicles, however our buyer is always on the look out for the vehicles that meet our standards and he does painstakingly find them in the best places.

This is what we don't buy. These are cheap and unfortunately they do end up here in Australia and people do supply them to our marketplace which does affect our vehicles however you can not compare those to what we supply nor can you even price compare.






"Price is long forgotten after quality remains" This is most important when considering buying any vehicle. Buying from a private source or having a broker find you a car you could end up with something like the above unless the broker supplies you with all the information up front.

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